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With Expert 24/7 Maintenance and Innovative Custom Solutions, We Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly

Achieve Continuous Conveyor Performance

Indianapolis, Indiana

Central Indiana’s Preferred Conveyor Service Company

Proactive Maintenance Programs

Minimizing Downtime Impact

Anywhere-Anytime Service Approach


Is Your Conveyor System Slowing Down Your Business?

Too often, businesses face the challenge of conveyor system breakdowns, inefficient operations, and unexpected downtime. What should be a seamless flow in your warehouse or production line turns into a bottleneck, hampering productivity and profitability. Instead of a reliable asset, your conveyor system becomes a source of constant stress and costly delays.

This doesn't have to be your experience.


Empowering Your Business Through Expert Conveyor Solutions

At CPM Conveyor, we're more than just a conveyor service provider; we're problem solvers deeply invested in the success of your business. Our journey began with a simple belief: efficient conveyor systems are the backbone of any thriving operation. With years of experience and a passion for technical excellence, we've honed our skills to not just meet, but exceed expectations. Our team, driven by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, takes pride in transforming conveyor challenges into opportunities for growth.

In partnering with CPM Conveyor, you're choosing a path of seamless operational efficiency. We don’t just fix conveyor problems; we provide enduring solutions that keep your business moving forward. Imagine a world where conveyor issues don’t halt your operations, but are swiftly and effectively managed, allowing you to focus on growth. Our comprehensive services - from 24/7 emergency response to bespoke installation and preventive maintenance - are designed to ensure your conveyor systems are always a step ahead. The benefits are tangible: reduced downtime, enhanced productivity, and a smoother, more efficient workflow. Our goal is to empower your operations with reliability and efficiency, so your focus can remain on the bigger picture - your business success

Joe Dawson, Don Friar

Joe Dawson

Don Friar

CPM Conveyor:
Always Delivering Excellence

Always-On Support

Experience unparalleled reliability with our 24/7 emergency response, ensuring your operations are uninterrupted.

Customized Solutions

Our tailored conveyor services are designed to fit your unique business needs, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Expert Innovation

Leverage our industry expertise and cutting-edge technology for conveyor systems that drive your operational success

Modsort Conveyro


24/7 Emergency Service

Experience uninterrupted operations with our 24/7 emergency service. When conveyor issues arise, our prompt and efficient response minimizes downtime, ensuring your business keeps moving. Rely on us for round-the-clock support that safeguards your productivity and operational continuity

Maintenance Programs

Our planned maintenance programs are a proactive step towards safeguarding your operational efficiency. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your conveyor systems but also maintains consistent productivity levels. This approach minimizes costly downtime and preserves the smooth operation of your business.

Conveyor System Installation and Integration Design

Our expertise in conveyor system installation extends to designing and integrating systems tailored to your unique business environment. Whether you're looking to incorporate a new system into your existing workflow or need a complete redesign, we ensure seamless integration. Our approach focuses on enhancing your operational efficiency by aligning our solutions with your specific needs. Trust us to not only install but also intelligently integrate your conveyor system for optimal performance and workflow synergy.

System Upgrades, Modernization, and Parts Sourcing

Elevate your business with our system upgrades and modernization services. We adapt your systems to the latest technologies for improved efficiency and reduced costs. Additionally, we excel in sourcing and providing the necessary parts for all your conveyor needs, ensuring your systems are always equipped with the best components for optimal performance.

"CPM has quickly worked to become a trusted supplier that we can rely on for time-sensitive and production critical projects. They have shown to be very thorough and attentive with their work, making sure to stay ahead of our needs so that our efforts can be focused elsewhere."

Lucas Weir, Heartland FPG

​Lucas W.

Project Engineer

"CPM has been very responsive to our equipment emergency and preventative maintenance. They continue to strive to repair our equipment instead of replacing everything. We receive explicit communication on what needs to be done, what our options are, costs and what we can expect for downtime. They are very professional and customer oriented. The team is highly safety focused, and never violate our site safety standards.  I highly recommend them for service and maintenance."

Angie Roman, Saint Gobain

Angie R.

Operations Manager

"As a growing business, we needed a conveyor service provider who could not only understand our specific needs but also grow with us. CPM Conveyor exceeded our expectations. Their tailored solutions and 24/7 support have been instrumental in optimizing our workflows and reducing downtime. We couldn't be happier with our choice!"

Michael Langford, Amazon

​Michael L.

Operations Director

Simple Pricing for Every Need

Explore our competitive rates for 24/7 services, specialized PM customer discounts, and custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Contracted PM Customer Price

Starting at
$102 /hour


Contracted preventive maintenance customers enjoy a discounted rate, both during normal business hours and for any after-hours service needs

24/7 Service

Starting at
$120 /hour *

This rate ensures access to our comprehensive services at any time, providing flexibility and reliability for emergency and routine needs alike.

Custom Solution Package

Custom Quote

Tailored solutions for unique conveyor system requirements, including large-scale projects or specialized equipment. Price varies based on the complexity and scope of the service.

* Monday to Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM

Standard rate during normal business hours;

adjusted rates apply for overtime/double time outside normal business hours.

Note: All our prices are quoted per hour and are subject to change. We ensure transparency in our pricing, with any travel or additional costs clearly communicated upfront. Our goal is to provide you with straightforward and fair pricing for all your conveyor service needs.

  • What types of conveyor systems does your team service?
    We provide expert service for a diverse range of conveyor systems, including but not limited to: Belt conveyors Roller conveyors MDR (motor-driven roller) conveyors Chain conveyors Gravity conveyors Food grade conveyors Retail conveyors Flexible conveyors Slat conveyors Telescopic conveyors (including MaxxReach®) Overhead conveyors Vertical lift conveyors Spiral conveyors Drive band conveyors Note: While we do not service pneumatic/vacuum or aggregate conveyors, we are more than happy to assist in finding the right service providers and parts for these systems.
  • What types of maintenance contracts do you offer?
    At CPM Conveyor, our maintenance contracts are designed to perfectly align with your operational needs, offering a range of options from weekly to yearly servicing. Our collaborative approach involves closely working with you to understand your system's specifics and recommending the most effective maintenance schedule. This tailored service ensures that your conveyor systems are always performing at their best, providing reliability and efficiency to your operations. With our expert team handling your maintenance, you can focus on your business, secure in the knowledge that your conveyor systems are in capable hands.
  • What is included in your maintenance contracts?
    Our maintenance contracts at CPM Conveyor encompass a thorough range of services to ensure your systems operate efficiently. They include routine preventive maintenance, cleaning, detailed inspections, and lubrication services. We also check and maintain emergency stops and air valves, ensuring every component functions optimally. We focus on each conveyor aspect, from belt tracking and bearing balancing to motor functioning and gearbox inspections. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that every element of your conveyor system receives expert attention for peak performance and reliability.
  • Do you offer emergency service?
    For 24/7 emergency service, call 317-875-1919. We provide 24/7 emergency service to address any urgent issues with your conveyor systems. Our team is ready around the clock to ensure that your operations continue smoothly with minimal downtime. Quick and efficient, our emergency service is designed for rapid response and effective problem resolution, keeping your business operational at all times.
  • Do you offer your conveyor services outside of the Indianapolis area?
    Our service reach extends far beyond Indianapolis. We are ready to travel to any location to meet your conveyor service needs, ensuring the same level of expertise and efficiency, no matter where you are. Our willingness to travel is part of our commitment to providing comprehensive, customer-focused solutions. Travel expenses are managed through clear and transparent arrangements with our clients, guaranteeing our exceptional service is available wherever it's needed.
  • Aside from conveyors, what other types of equipment can your team service?
    Our expertise extends beyond conveyor systems. We also provide service for a variety of related equipment such as packaging machines, wrappers, strappers, and other general warehouse equipment. Our team is skilled in maintaining and repairing these machines to ensure your entire operation runs smoothly. Please note that we do not service carton erectors and pack size equipment, focusing instead on a broader range of other essential warehouse machinery.
  • Can you source specific parts and equipment for our conveyor systems?
    Yes, we have the capability to source a wide range of parts and equipment for your conveyor systems. Our extensive network of suppliers and industry contacts allows us to procure specific items quickly and efficiently, whether it's for an upgrade, repair, or general maintenance. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary components to keep your systems running optimally, without any hassle on your end.
  • Do you provide custom control panel solutions for conveyor systems?
    Yes, we specialize in creating custom control panels for conveyor systems. Our team designs and builds these panels to meet the specific operational needs of your conveyor setup, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced control. This service allows for more efficient operation and customization to fit your unique system requirements.
  • Why choose us over using in-house maintenance?
    Partnering with us for your conveyor service needs allows your in-house maintenance team to save valuable time and focus on other critical areas of your operations. Our specialized expertise in conveyor systems ensures efficient and effective maintenance, relieving your team from the complexities of conveyor upkeep. This not only enhances the performance of your conveyor systems but also frees up your in-house team to concentrate on tasks that directly contribute to your business's core objectives.
  • How can we get a quote for your services or request an inspection?
    Getting a quote for our services or scheduling an inspection is straightforward. You can easily reach out to us directly (call: 317-875-1919) to discuss your needs, or use the convenient form on our website. We're here to provide you with all the information and assistance you need to make informed decisions about your conveyor system requirements.


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